Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Han Solo Jacket Force Awakens

Are you a big fan of Star Wars? Want to look like your favorite character? Leathers Trend presents your most liked Star Wars celeb apparel and especially Harrison Ford Han Solo Jacket. This replica jacket is the vital choice for the whole star wars fan, Jacket has glossy leather finish and quilted viscose lining.


Tuesday, 31 May 2016

DeadPool Motorbike Leather Jacket For Men

This Deadpool Biker Jacket is made in real and faux leather, For the inner lining, there is viscose. Inside there are two pockets as well. Outside you have the padding on the areas to protect you from maximum damage and buckles to adjust the fitting. The front features a zip closure with a button tab collar. The jacket looks like the Deadpool costume with the black and red color pattern.

Deadpool Biker Jacket

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Franz Drameh Legends of Tomorrow Firestorm Jacket

One such highly popular Superhero TV series is Legends of Tomorrow, that includes the superhero Firestorm or Jay Jackson, that has been splendidly compete by the actor Franz Drameh. We’ve got recently enclosed in our ever increasing assortment the Legends of Tomorrow Firestorm Jacket, that was donned by Franz Drameh as he compete Firestorm.

Legends of Tomorrow Firestorm Jacket

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Update Your Wardrobe With Men’s Movie Leather Jacket Collection!

If you are a huge fan of celebrities from Hollywood movies, and want to have a same look of your favorite movie’s celebrity look, then “Leathers Trend” is the place where you will find all the latest yet fashionable leather jackets and costumes from your personal favorite movies according to your look.  These Leather jackets become the essential need of the Hollywood industry as the Movies and outlook of an actor is incomplete without a leather jacket or leather costume.. The Movie Leather Jackets and costumes are designed according to the role and nature of the character. These movie jackets of your favorite celebrity actor can keep you in style throughout the entire year.

Why to Purchase Men’s Movie Leather Jacket From Leathers Trend? 
 First of all, Leathers Trend is the only online store where you will find all the eye grabbing jackets from Hollywood movies worn by the famous actors. We have a separate category of Movie Jacket where you can easily search your required favorite star movie leather jacket. These jackets are exactly the same as you watched in the movie and will give you an exact look of a celebrity. All our jackets are prepared from high quality Real Leather and synthetic leather at reasonable low prices.

Collection of Men’s Movie Leather Jacket at Leathers Trend:

 At Leathers Trend, there is a variety of Men’s Movie Leather Jacket at a decent rate, whatever your age is, our movie jacket collection is a perfect choice for you. Lets discuss about some of the latest and most demanding Movie Leathers Jackets.

Jackets From Star Wars The Force Awakens:

 As per the statistics Finn Leather Jacket from the movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is the most selling jacket in the year 2016 till now and still the demand is very high. The Finn Jacket has all the ingredients to look the most stylish and fashionable jacket of the modern world.

The number two on the slot is “Han Solo Leather Jacket” from the same movie.  People love “Harrison Ford” as “Han Solo” in movie- Star Wars and want to carry his look.  This jacket is very simple and sophisticated in style and made in exact replica to give you look like “Han Solo”. The jacket is available in Black and Brown Color.

Pan Costume Jacket:

 If you love to try something different and unique then this Costume Leather Jacket from the movie “Pan” will do the purpose for you.  Australian born widely popular actor “Hugh Jackman”  spotted wearing this jacket in a movie as “Blackbeard”.  The costume is perfect to give you a warrior look and gamers must want to have this amazing costume jacket in their wardrobe.

Costume From Batman Arkham Knigts:

 Just look at this Red Hood costume Jacket and vest and you will fall in love with this attire.  There is hardly any other costume which can beat the attractiveness and sharpness of this costume jacket and Vest. The costume is made in red, white and black contrast color combination.  The costume will help you to boost your confidence and energy level.

Above discussed Leather Jackets and costumes are just to get you excited, but there is a lot more available at www.leatherstrend.com , visit now and see the complete range of Men’s Movie Leather Jacket.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Superhero Jackets Bring Out The Hero In You

If you are a superhero movie fan or buff you will agree that when you get something that is from the film or symbolizes your favorite character you feel on top of the world. There are many superheroes out there, but the most favorite of most people is Superman. One of the most anticipated movies is the Batman vs Superman movie, which is set to come out in 2016. However, right now when we talk about Superman, perhaps one of the best leather jackets that will make you feel great is the ‘Superman Red and Black Leather Jacket’. Superman is actually the true identity of Clarke Kent throughout all of the Superman movies, comics etc. When you look at this amazing leather jacket with the S emblem in the center, you will instantly fall in love with it.

This jacket comes in several sizes, however, if you want a perfect fit you will have to either try out the available sizes or order a custom jacket. This is something that could be a little tricky as there are many companies that offer a Superman Leather Jacket but few that can deliver what they promise. Do proper researches before you order the jacket. The jacket is amazing to look at and anyone who put it on will instantly feel like a superhero.

The effort put in to making this jacket shows in the overall look that the jacket has. If you have ever owned a leather jacket, this jacket will surely take the game up many levels. This jacket can be worn to almost any casual party. However, when it comes to wearing it, you will need to be careful about one thing which is that a lot of people may be asking you from where you got the jacket from.

Celebrity Jacket With Style

When it comes to stylish clothing and amazing designs, nothing does it better than Hollywood. Each celebrity has their own individual style. You must have seen many celebrities off the sets and they look complete different from their look in the movies that they play a role in. When it comes to movie stars, their wardrobe is almost always designed and carefully selected by leading designers. When it comes to the costumes worn in the movies, each dress is carefully chosen to enhance their look in the role. The style of clothing may differ from character to character. For example the Chris Pratt Guardians of the Galaxy Leather Jacket is perhaps one of the best chosen jacket till date. This jacket is extremely stylish and helps enhance his overall look in the role.

The jacket worn by Chris Pratt is one that is made of genuine leather and looks really good on him. This is primarily because this jacket has been made specifically for him. Everything from the fitting to the style has been taken proper care of. If you are looking for such a jacket you need to make sure that this stylish jacket for you is custom made. If you opt for something that is ready made then you may feel that the fitting is not perfect.

Going for the perfect celebrity leather jacket you need to realize that the jacket is something that has been created specifically for you. You may have to wait a little for the jacket to be stitched for you in your size but when you see the results you will be happy you waited, provided the jacket has not been stitched by amateurs. The stitching in a leather jacket is the second most important thing after the material. Get a celebrity leather jacket for style!

Chris Pratt Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket – A Biker’s Best Companion

When it comes to bikers, they are very particular about their biking gear, everything from the costumes to the shoes is hand-picked. Most bikers love putting on leather jackets, not only because its light and durable but also because it makes them look great. Over the years, the whole look of a biker has changed. From being rugged, rough and tough, bikers have become stylish, distinguish and free-souls. When it comes to choosing a biker’s leather jacket they look for something durable, comfortable and something that can keep that warm.

There are several biker jackets out there, however, only a few that can stand the test of time and survive the wear and tear of a rough ride. Therefore when it comes to selecting a jacket, a biker does it with real care. One of the most famous names in jacket manufacturing is Harley Davidson. The brand has evolved over the years. The jackets manufactured by them are extremely slick and something that any biker would want to own.

The Barnett Harley Davidson Leather Jacket is an example of a classic jacket manufactured for bikers. This jacket comes with a stand-up collar to protect the neck from changing weather conditions especially the sun. The jacket is made of genuine leather, thus it is able to survive different weather conditions. The jacket has zipped cuffs which make it even more stylish. A look that any biker would love to have. The color combination of the jacket is another head turner. Made out of red and black color this jacket makes anyone who wears it stand out. As a biker this jacket is extremely comfortable to put on and it also gives a great look, something that any person (not necessarily a biker) would appreciate. This is an extremely cool jacket if you wish to own it!